Doofa – get things done!

Doofa, a new add-in software product, looks set to make office work simpler and faster than ever before.

Doofas are easy-to-use tools that perform common office tasks, drawing on the wide range of functions available in Microsoft Excel.

Staff often avoid using the full range of software functions available to them because they are put off by technical jargon and confusing user interfaces. Faced with this most people revert to time-consuming manual methods. Doofa products are designed to be used by even the most inexperienced computer user. Doofas are completely jargon-free and extremely simple to use. 

Doofa's founder, Ian Chester, explains:

“Too often I've watched staff laboriously tackling tasks by hand using a software package such as Excel that allows automation. Tasks like tidying address lists, adding area codes to phone numbers or calculating sales figures. Tasks which could so easily be undertaken by a computer if only people knew how.

“Businesses can be so much more efficient if staff have access to simple, intuitive tools to automate daily tasks. That's where the idea for Doofa came from.”

The first of the Doofa products, the ColorCalc, which makes calculations based colour, has been launched with more to follow in the coming months.

Doofa is a play on the words 'do' and 'for', so called because Doofas are tools that will 'doo' a task 'fa' you.



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