Messy address list? Give it a spritz!

Messy contact lists driving you crazy?

There is are some great services available for managing emails and mailings, along with all sorts of in-house customer relationship management systems (CRM).

They provide powerful tools for us to communicate with, and keep track of, our relationships with business contacts and customers. But these solutions are only as good as the information we put in them.

A jumble of colourful mail boxes

Mailing lists are compiled by gathering information from colleagues, old databases and even printed materials. If it’s your job to get this data ship-shape to be uploaded to your mailing list, read on...

Uploading contact lists to your mailing database

When uploading a contact list into your contact management system (or mailing database) usually, you need to create an Excel file (.xls or .csv), which then gets uploaded.

To create an effective mailing list, this file must be clean and tidy.

Each element of your contact list (the name, email address, phone number, etc.) needs to be laid out in individual columns. This allows the contact management system to correctly match your data to its own fields.

Dealing with messy contact lists

When colleagues supply us with messy contact lists they can be a real headache to tidy up.

I’m sure you’re familiar with these mailing list faux pas (to name but a few):

  • Full names compressed into a single column, instead of separated into title, first name, last name

  • Elements of the mailing list completely in the wrong column (for example some of the email addresses in the phone number column, and vice versa)

  • Whole addresses written as one, rather than separated into street address, town/city, postcode (zip code), etc.

So how do you go about tidying up these files up?

A long time to tidy

The Find and Replace tools can speed things up a little.

If you can get your head around Excel functions (the formulas that help you manage data in Excel) then you have a head start.

For those less familiar with the workings of Excel the only answer is manually cutting, moving and pasting, or even retyping, a large amount of text – a solution which brings with it the risk of creating yet more errors in the data.

Whichever approach you take, you’re sure to face a long and laborious task.

The solution

Address Spritzer will help you tidy up contact lists in Microsoft Excel by finding the individual elements of each name and address, then displaying them separately.

Once separated, these parts of the name or address can be seen more clearly and used more effectively in tasks such as mailing list uploads, mail merge and sorting.


The idea behind the Address Spritzer Doofa is to take the pain out of messy contact list tidying.

Simply tell it what you need to do and Address Spritzer will do the rest. Very, very quickly too!

Some examples

Here are just a few examples of what Address Spritzer can do:

  • Find all the Titles (like Mr, Mrs, Dr) and put them in a different column

  • Automatically split the address information into several columns

  • Seek out the email addresses (wherever they are) and put them all into one column. (You can do the same with phone numbers and postcodes too)

Why spend hours:

  • Puzzling over formulas?

  • Cutting and pasting?

  • Re-typing huge swathes of text?

Our neat little Address Spritzer will tidy your messy address list in a flash.

Find out more about Address Spritzer


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