Data cleansing

A simple solution for tidying up information

All businesses rely on information – from customer, supplier and staff details, to information about company assets, stock, sales or deliveries.

Over time, the information you store can become outdated and messy, and with this, your business could start to lose its competitive edge.

That’s where Doofa's data cleansing tools come in – helping you to get the information you hold cleaned up and in good shape.

  • Have accurate information at your fingertips to help you make sound business decisions
  • Find and share information quickly and easily
  • Work more effectively and efficiently
  • Avoid duplication and errors
  • Monitor company assets and levels of stock accurately
  • Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Reduce mailing costs, while making sure mailings arrive with the intended recipients and conforming to data protection law

How can Doofa help?

Many of us use Microsoft Excel to store and manage information. Excel can also be a useful tool when it comes to tidying information, especially when it is coupled with Doofa's handy data-cleansing tools.

Doofa’s data cleansing tools are extremely quick and easy to use and significantly reduce administration time.

Spring clean your data in no time!

Address Spritzer is a data cleansing tool made specifically to help you organise and tidy your contact lists.

Other Doofa products to help with data cleansing are:

Zero Hero – add zeros missing from the front of phone numbers

Combo Gumbo - combine the contents of two sets of cells

Split Kit - split the contents of two sets of cells

    These tools are useful whether you use Microsoft Excel to look after your contacts lists permanently, or you’re simply using Excel as a holding area as you transfer data from one database to another.