Data protection

Prevent your confidential information falling into the wrong hands

Secure data protection is important for the health of your business, and for your peace of mind.

Passwords, personal data, customer data, staff records, accounts, sales data, all need to be stored securely.

Data-protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), along with the ever-present threat of hacking and cyber-attacks, mean that we need to be increasingly vigilant in protecting our business data. Yet, at the same time, we need regular access to this information. 

How can Doofa help?


  • Low-cost, high-security storage for confidential data.
  • Store confidential data without having to move it out of Excel.
  • Encrypt parts of a spreadsheet so all staff can access the same spreadsheet while only selected individuals can view the private information within it.
  • Uses AES advanced encryption which is the safest way to protect the content of your Excel spreadsheet.

Data cleaning tools:

Moving your data to a secure, cloud-based system?

Migrating to a new system usually involves ‘cleansing’ the data and organising it more logically.

For example, de-duplicating or splitting first and last names in a mailing list, instead of storing them in a single cell.

Doofa has a range of tools that can be used for data cleansing: