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Safe and sound in a snap

Use LocCroc to store all your passwords and other sensitive information.

Prevent your data getting into the wrong hands. Secure confidential information from hacking and cyber attacks.

How LocCroc works

Protecting your data using LocCroc is very secure. That's because LocCroc uses AES advanced encryption technology, keeping your data safe from prying eyes.

Unlike other encryption software, LocCroc allows you to lock away individual sections of a spreadsheet. Once locked, any information contained within these areas will be encrypted, scrambled and hidden from view, and only accessible via a single master password. While, at the same time, users without the password can view parts of the spreadsheet which have not been 'locked'.

Please note that only the cells containing data will be hidden and locked.

Please take care to remember your passwords! LocCroc is extremely secure. Once your data is secured using LocCroc, you will only be able to gain access with the correct password.

The amount charged is for an annual licence, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, after which the licence can be renewed. Includes free upgrades. For details read our Licence Agreement.

An example of LocCroc in action

Imagine you have a list of employment candidates held within an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains their candidate number, contact details, but also confidential data about their ethnicity, medical information and legal history.

You need to share the candidates' contact details with a junior member of the HR team so that he can get in touch with them to invite them to interview. However, you do not wish to share the confidential information with this member of staff.

LocCroc will allow you to hide and encrypt just the parts of the spreadsheet that contain the confidential information. Now you can send the whole spreadsheet to your colleague, knowing that they will only be able to access the candidates' contact details.

Taking this a step further, you could share with a different colleague only the details of the candidates' ethnicity without them being able to view the names and contact details.

You simply select individual areas of the spreadsheet for LocCroc to hide and encrypt, using distinct passwords for each area of the spreadsheet.


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