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Forget colour-by-numbers. Calculate using colours!


If you have a colour-coded spreadsheet, ColorCalc is the Doofa for you.

It's super-colour-fragilisticexpialidocious!

ColorCalc finds cells of a particular colour and uses them to make calculations.

Read our blog – making sense of a colour-coded spreadsheet – to see how the raw data contained in a colour-coded spreadsheet, which is sometimes rather overwhelming, can be transformed into really useful business information using ColorCalc.


The amount charged is for an annual licence, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, after which the licence can be renewed. Includes free upgrades. For details read our Licence Agreement.

What can ColorCalc do?

  • Calculate the total, average, minimum or maximum value of the cells of a particular colour.
  • Base a calculation on either the text colour or the background colour.
  • Work with specific areas of your spreadsheet or the whole spreadsheet.
  • Make a single calculation or combine the results of one or more calculations. This feature can be useful for making comparisons.
An example of how it works

The spreadsheet below shows the number of contracts won by various sales staff each week.

Screenshot: ColorCacl example spreadsheet

Making calculations based on cell colour

You'd like to find out some information about the contracts won by your experienced sales staff.

Previously, the background of the cells in your spreadsheet was colour-coded according to the level of experience of the sales staff.

Screenshot: ColorCalc example - experience level

Cells with a green background show information relating to experienced staff members.

ColorCalc can, therefore, take the cells coloured green and make calculations with them.

So you can quickly find out the total number of contracts won by the experienced sales staff, based on the fact the cells are green.

You can also find the average number of contracts won by your experienced sales staff.

Selecting sections of your spreadsheet

ColorCalc will allow you to select the whole spreadsheet or choose specific sections.

This means you can find the number of contracts the experienced sales people won in a particular week, over the course of several weeks, or the whole time period.

Combining calculations

You'd like to compare the number of contracts won by your experienced sales people with your new, less-experienced staff.

Cells containing information about new staff members have a tan background (see above).

ColorCalc can combine calculations.

So you can ask ColorCalc to:

  • Calculate the average number of contracts won by experienced staff (green background).

  • Calculate the average number of contracts won by new staff (tan background).

  • Then subtract one from the other.

... thereby showing the difference in the average number of contracts won by each these groups of staff.

Calculations based on text colour

Any of the calculations above could have been based on text colour.

In this particular spreadsheet, each sales team is indicated using a different text colour.

So if you were looking to find out information about a particular sales team, you would simply instruct ColorCalc to calculate based on text colour.


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