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Combo Gumbo

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A winning combination

Combo Gumbo takes the contents of two separate cells and automatically combines them into one.

If you wish, it can also add punctuation (like spaces or commas) to divide the newly combined information.

As it works automatically, Combo Gumbo makes short work of combining the contents of countless cells.

Combo Gumbo is a great app for tidying spreadsheets or if you want to transform raw data into useful business information.


If you’d like to do the opposite – split the contents of a single cell into two – Combo Gumbo's contrary cousin, Split Kit, will get to work in no time!

The amount charged is for an annual licence, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, after which the licence can be renewed. Includes free upgrades. For details read our Licence Agreement.

What can Combo Gumbo do?

    > Combine cells by either cutting and pasting, or copying and pasting your original data.

    > Choose to add punctuation to divide the newly combined information. Choose from:

    • Colon :
    • Comma ,
    • Dash –
    • New line
    • Pipe |
    • Slash /
    • Space
    • Semi-colon ;

    > Add to your combination to combine more than two sets of cells.

    See below for some examples.

    Combining parts of a name

    A list of names has the First Name and Last Name are appearing in separate columns. Combo Gumbo combines these names so they appear in a single column, adding a space to separate the newly combined names.



    Here a salutation is created by combining the Title and the Last Name.


    Combining data to create web addresses

    In this example, web URLs are created by combining components of the web address that were originally displayed in separate columns.

    The forward slashes and dots are added automatically by Combo Gumbo as it combines the information.


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