Making sense of data

Transform impenetrable data into meaningful management information

We are drowning in data!

Every day we collect more of it – website analytics, marketing campaign results, sales figures, customer profiles, customer feedback, financial forecasts, logistical data and operational costs.

This data could help us to assess the health of our business and make sound business decisions.

But, it must be transformed into meaningful management information to be of real use.

Data is just the components; information is the vehicle… and without the vehicle, you’re going nowhere!

Bringing data to life

With Doofa you can:

  • Organise data in a more meaningful way
  • Highlight most crucial information – separating the wheat from the chaff
  • Convert badly-designed spreadsheets into useful business tools

Try these Doofas

  • ColorCalc – make calculations based on the colours used in your spreadsheet
  • Combo Gumbo – combine the contents of separate cells
  • Split Kit – split the contents of individual cells