Split Kit

Split Kit

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Organise data lickety-split!

Split Kit will speed through your spreadsheet splitting the contents of a single cell into several cells. If the information you have is separated by punctuation such as a comma, dash or colon, you can choose to keep it or delete it.If you’d like to do the opposite - combine the contents of two or more cells - take a look at Combo Gumbo.

Split Kit can:

  • Extract just letters or just numbers
  • Choose a section of each cell to extract
  • Split the cell where punctuation is found (for example as a space or a dash)

Split Kit is really useful when it comes to tidying up information in an Excel spreadsheet. Splitting data can also help you make sense of data and transform it into more useful information.

If you want to do the opposite – combine the contents of two sets of cells – take a look at Combo Gumbo.

The amount charged is for an annual licence, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, after which the licence can be renewed. Includes free upgrades. For details read our Licence Agreement.

Split first and last names

In this spreadsheet, the full name of each person appeared in a single column. Split Kit used the space between the names split the First Name and Last Name into separate columns.

Extract a section of each cell

Here, Split Kit was used to extract just the third and fourth digits on these registration plates, selecting only the numbers. These numbers can be used to find out the year the vehicle was registered.


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