About Doofa

What is a Doofa?

A Doofa® is a little app that works in harmony with Microsoft Excel to make tasks on your computer quick and easy.

Excel has many functions that can greatly speed up our work, but to use them we face a baffling list of options and technical terms like 'vlookup' or 'pivot table'.

So to get our work done we either have to struggle with technobabble or revert to time-consuming manual methods.

Help is at hand!

Doofa is jargon-free and very simple-to-use - So we can all work faster without talking tech!


What does Doofa do?

Doofa works in harmony with Microsoft Excel. Each Doofa performs a different task.

Once downloaded, Doofas appear in the Excel toolbar and help make complex tasks quick and easy to complete.


Who makes Doofa products?

Doofa products are created and sold by Sunfire Consultancy Ltd, New Zealand. Click here for company information.

Doofa is a registered trademark.


Who isn't a Doofus?

You! Only clever clogs have the good sense to download a Doofa!

Don't be a doofus, get help from a Doofa!


Why use Doofa?

Doofa products help us to use some of the functions of Microsoft Excel that may otherwise go unused. Because these functions are often difficult to understand, people tend to shy away from using them.

Doofas are jargon free and very easy to use. So you get more out of Excel without the headache!


Can anyone use a Doofa?

Yes, provided you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Doofa products are designed to be used by even the most inexperienced computer user. They are jargon-free and ever so simple to use.


Why is it called a Doofa?

Doofa is a play on the words 'do' (Doo) and 'for' (fa).

It is called Doofa because it will do a task for you.